It is our artist collective’s intention to give back to the community by creating an opportunity for local students (K-8) to reconnect, reflect on this past year, and express their thoughts, feelings and ideas through the art making process. 

We believe the local youth should feel supported, loved, and heard by the community-at-large after all the challenges and isolation that the pandemic and 2020 brought to us all. Students that volunteer to participate in the art making process will co-create their own murals under the guidance of professional artists and art teachers from the “Four Directions” mural project. Art lessons and materials will be given to children as they work together to design and co-create a mural of their own that connects with the theme of “Unity in Diversity”.

**Due to Covid health risks, our community/ youth project will be on hold until it is safe for students and community members to gather. 

Please stay tuned for more details and how you can help!