Jason Budowski

As of June 6, 2021, Jason Budowski’s south wall mural is complete!  You can take a look at more of his work at budowski.net. We still need donations for our other three murals, so please donate today!


“I have always been fascinated by light and how to capture it. There are silver linings all around us that can bring us hope and peace, from how the sun shines through a wave, reflections on water, or how a person’s expression reveals their true spirit. As a teacher, my goal is to inspire and build confidence.” -Jason Budowski

Jason Budowski is a visual artist and art teacher living in San Bruno, CA. He graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Fine Arts, where he focused on oil painting and digital art. While there, he learned from Wayne Theibaud, David Hollowell, Conrad Atkinson, Lucy Puls, Mike Henderson and John Winet. Upon graduation Budowski’s career wandered the digital arts arena from print design, web design, graphic design, illustrations, e-learning, and then started his own digital marketing and branding business. He spent 15 years in the digital arena before he found he had to return to fine visual art, something he had always loved and a passion he felt he needed to immerse himself in. In early 2017, he started teaching at a private performing arts school, Adda Clevenger, where he was hired to bring Classical Realism to kids. Embracing the model of “continual improvement”, Budowski began to develop a unique curriculum to teach students a modified realism art program. Over the years, the method changed drastically and Budowski’s passion for art and teaching shone as each year the students’ work dramatically improved, their confidence grew, and a culture of art was created at the school which helped to bring a legacy of art appreciation. Budowski now teaches through BayAreaArtSchool.com, a youth-oriented art school teaching kids and teens how to draw and paint extremely well. Currently, Budowski is working on a body of work of ocean waves and portraits.