The Pacifica Murals Project is a collective of artists whose mission is to build and strengthen community through art. We believe in cultivating unity without uniformity and celebrating diversity without categorizing. We understand that we ALL have unique differences and those differences enrich human interactions and life, itself. We recognize multiculturalism and strive for anti-racism. We see vari-colored flowers of one garden. Each sets off and enhances the other’s beauty. There is unity in diversity.

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News update: June 9, 2021

The South Mural is completed. For those of you following along with this project we have completed level 1! Big thanks to Jason Budowski for his contribution and youth inspired mural. You can see more of Budowski’s work on his website: If you are ever in the Pacifica Taco Bell and see a wolf looking at you, that’s his mural.

Up next (level 2) is Robert Louthan. We need donations to fully unlock this mural! It will be a colorful visual extravaganza of shedding our industrial ways and returning to the greener grasses and living in more harmony with our earth!